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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation


Door to Door Tutoring helps to ensure that our students undergo positive and meaningful Bar and Bat Mitzvah experiences. We work with students whose knowledge of the Hebrew language ranges from novice-level to advanced proficiency. Our tutors act as teachers, mentors and friends, combining these pivotal roles to provide our students with an accessible and relevant source for Jewish intellectual dialogue and Talmudic religious learning in the modern day. We also function as conduits among students, parents, Hebrew school directors and teaching staff, rabbis, cantors and other synagogue personnel. Our tutors have many years of experience working with the vast majority of temples in Manhattan and the tri-state area. When the religious leaders of these synagogues hear that you may be working within our program, they will be pleased and extremely comfortable in our training process (Please see our testimonials). In fact, when religious teachers and synagogue leaders learn that your son or daughter is studying in our program, they will doubtless be pleased and eager to cooperate with our tutors in giving your child the finest religious education-- one that upholds in the latter day the ancient and revered discipline of Jewish religious scholarship. And, in addition to working with traditional synagogue ceremonies, we also have extensive experience with private, more personal ceremonies taking place outside of the temple (Please see our testimonials).

Jewish Studies​


For parents and children who are looking for enrichment programs in addition to those traditionally offered through Hebrew School, or simply an alternative to traditional Hebrew School training, we have programs suitable for all levels and ages which focus variously on Hebrew Language, Jewish Customs, Heritage, History, Ethics, the State of Israel and more. The concepts learned in these programs are presented with an emphasis on demonstrating their relevance to students' modern-day lives. These are available in group or individual settings.

Baby Namings


Facilitating Baby Namings for Jewish Families in NY and NJ, Joel Cohen has founded another company, Baby Naming NYC, striveing to provide meaningful ceremonies for families who want to mark the arrival of their baby with bestowing him or her a Hebrew Name.

We will design a customized service that fits the needs of your celebration. The ceremonies we have compose draw upon Jewish Traditions as well as contemporary elements. Visit the site here.

Foreign Language


Our impressive language staff has vast experience with all manner of foreign language instruction, including but not limited to cultural study of the lands of origin . A number of our staff have studied and lived abroad, ensuring that they possess the highest level of fluency. Our staff currently includes teachers who are expertly capable of assisting students with Latin, Spanish, French, Hebrew and Chinese.

Science & Math


Our mathematics staff is comprised of experts in Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Each one of our math tutors has a unique ability to take the angst out of mathematics, elucidating perennially confusing topics and making them straightforward and readily understandable to the student. Knowledge of math is a crucial component of success in so many careers; in light of this, we ensure that the foundations of mathematics are taught in a comprehensive manner, giving the student a firm working knowledge base upon which to build quickly and efficiently .


The members of our science staff possess a well-rounded background in science and take great care in ensuring that their students' learning experience is both fun and productive. Utilizing our methods in their study of science concepts, students will be sure to show a marked improvement in grades as well as love for the subject matter.

English, Reading & Writing


Whether it is dealing with a high school reading list, writing an essay or improving elementary reading skills, we have the educators able to help. Our tutors can help your child develop the skills needed to approach the difficult required readings in post secondary education. Additionally, making sure the foundations of reading and writing are essential for success in all subjects. Essay writing is always a part of the entrance process to educational institutions at all levels and we have individuals equipped for this preparation.

Custom Learning


Door To Door Tutoring welcomes the opportunity to discuss the creation of custom learning paths for our students. We have a vast resource of tutors and teachers with numerous different backgrounds, providing us with the variety and depth to expertly tend to our students' specific needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions which you may have.

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